Then there were two!

Wow, it has been way too long! Long enough to say that MJ is officially a big brother! And he's two!! Time has flown!
I'm going to start writing again, but this post is just to announce we are now a party of four, and I am an official #boymom!
Lukas was born 6/6/2017!
MJ is the best big brother ever!!


Freaking Me Out, Little Man!

MJ has suddenly turned into a stomach sleeper, ugh. It’s so weird, because at one time you were told to put the baby on their stomach to sleep. My mom says she actually thinks this made babies stronger quicker, and I kind of have to agree. However, this still doesn’t make me feel any less nervous about his head getting stuck facedown by some weird force!

He’s also now moving around the bed a lot more, so I have removed the bumpers. Yes, I had bumpers in there!  I didn’t at first, then one morning I woke up to MJ with his arm hanging out of the crib!  All I could think was “oh my gosh, he was trying to move and almost broke his arm!” So, I put the bumpers back. He’s really hardly moved at night, but all of a sudden…he’s a mover. So, bumpers are gone, and MJ now sleeps soundly on his stomach …


Selfie Saturday

MJ and I have had a lot of selfies the past 2 weeks … I won’t include the V-day ones, since you can see those here!


Note to self, ground MJ in 10 years.

How can you wake up at 4:30am’ish, wake me up, keep me awake … then fall back asleep just as soon as I’m getting up…and sleep ’til 6:45?!

You’re grounded!

I’m putting this out there for future me to remember.

MJ, when you read this someday, you’re grounded!!!

I love you.  But you’re grounded.



My Valentine



So, if you would have asked me 6 years ago what life would be like in 6 years, I don’t know that I would have said this.  I could only hope and pray for something as wonderful as what I have now, and I am so blessed to say those prayers came true.  The top picture was my first Valentine’s Day with Marc, the picture below it is this past Sunday.  We haven’t changed much, but our lives sure have.  Married, with a beautiful son, great home and neighborhood, and wonderful friends.

So what did we do for V-Day?  We sent MJ to Marc’s parents, and we went out on our 3rd annual V-Day date with our friends!  It is always a great time, dinner, drinks, and lots of laughs!!  Can’t wait to do it again next year!


7 Months!


Our big “little man” was 7 months on the 10th!  He finally has a tooth, that was a painful process … for all of us.  However, since it has made its appearance, life has improved and gone back to normal 🙂

MJ has some favorite toys now, his “shapes” block thing is probably the most favorite.  He has his little piano that he got for Christmas, but he likes to turn it upside down and beat on it – so I think he may be more a drums fan.  He is by far the happiest baby I have ever met, don’t get me wrong – he has his moments, but 99 times we can figure out what that moment is being caused by and rectify it.

I may get some weight updates at his next check up, but I am not sure since it is just a nurses visit.  I don’t think he’s gained any weight, although we do feel he’s gotten longer, although my arm thinks he’s heavier too – so who knows, anxious to find out!

MJ talks, A LOT, and laughs, A LOT.  He loves hearing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” … I think he likes all the hand movements.

Funny fact … I always sing Splish Splash when giving MJ a bath, and I have since day 1 – as he LOVES being “sang to” … anyway, now, when I do it, he looks up at me and gives me a big ‘ol smile.  It’s hilarious really!  I always say the day of the week that we’re on, maybe it’ll help him remember in the long run 😉  Just like singing the ABC’s every night at bed time will help make him a baby genius, right?!

Here are his 7 month photos … figured I’d throw them all out there.  Enjoy!

Swim Lessons

First of all, today is MJ’s 7 month birthday!!!  I’ll have an update on that later, promise – not later today, but later in general … lol 🙂

MJ started swim lessons on 1/30 – and they went great!  The water is a bit chilly, so I will be investing in some sort of swim top – any recommendations?!  He loves it all, which is great!  The only part he doesn’t like is jumping off the wall the second time, and I think that’s because MJ is chilly at that point.  We are going to continue through the Spring, so this summer MJ is totally ready for pool time!